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Summer in the kitchen garden

December 3, 2005

Kitchen garden

L-R: Tomatos, chives, grapes and spring onions.

Herb garden

L-R: Parsley, basil, oregano and thyme.

And of course, our trusty old chilli seeing out the last of its days and the Aloe Vera too.

Quite amazing what a tiny garden can yield. Not to mention that half the kitchen garden is taken up by Piggy and his pen.

My herb garden – the beginning

December 3, 2005

I am beginning to really like pasta dishes and what’s more delightful than my own herb garden? Here is the start of my green thumb adventures….. hopefully something will grow, with lots of patience and a liberal dose of TLC.

Here are pots of oregano, parsley and thyme waiting to spread roots in the garden proper. Basil is already planted out. I got these for just $3 each from Coles supermarket. They are from a range called Living Herbs. Cool eh?