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Most Improved Pupil

December 3, 2005

His pet hate is Chinese School. He begs to be excused from Chinese School every weekend. A headache miraculously appears every Saturday just before Chinese School. Today is the last day of Chinese School for the year, so it is one bit Hooray and party at Chinese School today.

Chang Lao Tse (teacher Chang), a charming lady with the kindest heart, is always giving away gifts of home-cooked snacks for the kids to take home. During Dumpling Festival  she cooked and gave away one rice dumpling (joong) each to the kids. Other times it was cakes and tid bits. Today they came home with little gifts of chips and lollies gaily wrapped in clear plastic tied with colourful curly ribbons, and a curry puff and spring roll.

And Christopher came home with the biggest gift of all: a prize certificate for The Most Improved Pupil which carries a monetary gift of $5 🙂

It appears that 2 prizes are awarded at year’s end: Most Improved Pupil and Best Behaved Pupil. So cute 🙂