Urticaria, infections and antibiotics

Except for Alexander, all in the family have had a poor run of health over the past two weeks.


Two weeks ago on a Sunday urticaria-like angry red welts appeared all over Christopher’s face and body. The flare-up was so bad he has had several sleepless nights, poor kid. After 3 visits to the GP, he is still on prednisolone 5 mg and one or two 30 mg Telfast daily. Called an Immunology dermatologist Dr Frank Kett today and could not get an appointment till next April !!!

We suspect it is a reaction to some makes of sausages and Leonard’s herb and garlic chicken patties.


Mild symptoms of cold that lasted all of 5 days last week. Enough to stay away from work for one day. Thankfully okay now. I have observed that this tends to happen to me during hay fever season each year 😦


Symptoms of a bad flu that began 1 day after my cold began last week. High temperature, body chills and muscle ache. After 5 days, saw a GP who prescribed antibiotics. 7 days after it began, symptoms have subsided but still not recovered completely. Worse, rashes have begun to appear all over his body, most likely an adverse reaction to the antibiotics. He is now at Norwood Medical Center, waiting to see Dr Tony Riding.

Sigh, not exactly in the pink of health 😦 Hope all this will blow over by Christmas.

2 Responses to “Urticaria, infections and antibiotics”

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